Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Love for McDonald's

"I’m Lovin’ It"….isn’t that the cheesy McDonald’s jingle?

Well, I can tell you I love McDonald's with a passion I’ve never felt before.  McDonald's half way around the world is so much more special!

The truth is it’s not the food.  Although the fries are still a fattening, uber-delicious and crispy treat.  It’s the familiarity.  In a world where everything is strange and signs are indecipherable, the golden arches are a beacon of light.  I know what’s inside, and I can even figure out how to order the food.  The employees may not speak much English…but “Number 6,” “Nuggets,” and “Coke” are universal.

Yes, experiencing a new cuisine and trying new foods can be fun.  But, sometimes I just want something I know.  This is not an overly Westernized neighborhood where familiar chains are on every corner.  In my neighborhood…McDonald's is it.  We’ve only gone a handful of times.  But, on those occasions – McDonald's saved the day.

I’ll put it this way…some days familiar trumps foreign, and McDonald's fits the bill.

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