Thursday, September 2, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu

(photo:  Getty Images)

I need to find myself one of those screen printed T-shirts that says “I survived Typhoon Kompasu!”  It was my first Typhoon (which is a Hurricane occurring in the Pacific or Indian Oceans).  I’ve never been through a Hurricane either, so my only real knowledge about these storms comes from years of watching video and reports on CNN.

At 6am, I was woken up by high winds.  Thankfully, my windows are protected by a neighboring building.  It doesn’t make for a great view, but it came in handy this time.  Still, putting my hands on the glass, I could feel it trembling.  News is in our blood, so my husband and I grabbed our video camera and went outside.  We could see shingles being torn off roofs, and the trees were getting battered.  But, it appeared life was moving on as normal.  Men and women dressed in business attire were fighting the winds to walk to work.  The roads were filled with buses and cars and the morning commute was still on.

As I watched the winds whip and tear at everything in their path, I did feel a bit scared.  I thought this was just the beginning and it would get much worse.  I was wrong.  That was it.  For about two hours the winds beat us up and then they moved on.  In Bundang, where I live, we barely got any rain and the power stayed on.  Still, my neighborhood isn’t without injury.  Some buildings had windows blown out, and a lot of roofs will need repairs.  I understand the storm was worse in other areas of Seoul (click here for details).

So, now I can check that off my list.  Check…I have experienced a Typhoon.  I’m just glad the season for big storms is almost over.

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