Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Precious Children

(That's Yeajin with some silly boys in the background -- children are the same everywhere!)

I have a few students who always manage to make my days brighter.  They are like little angels – sweet and loving -- pure goodness.

Yeajin is girl with such energy and personality.  She comes to class with a backpack of stuffed animals that either must stay in her backpack – or sometimes I volunteer to watch them during class.  We do acting activities in class and she is the best…all action and poise and personality.  Yeajin waits for me after class so we can walk out holding hands.  Sometimes I get a hug or a kiss.  It lifts my heart.  She is happy to see me and I’m always happy to see her.  Last week I was feeling very sick and she walked up to my desk to ask if I was okay.  Her face was twisted up in concern.  I told her I was sick, but I would be okay.  Yeajin immediately did the sign of the cross, closed her eyes tight and said a little prayer for me.  I actually got choked up.  Children can be so precious.

Jane is girl made of sugar and spice and everything nice – she is all good.  Each day, when I ask Jane how she is doing she has a big grin and responds “I am happy.”  I remember on a day filled with chaos, I was picking up papers spilled on the floor.  While children ran past me into the hall, suddenly a small pair of hands were helping me.  It was Jane.  Of course it was Jane – and her little bit of care lifted my spirits.  When I did a “thinking” exercise on what it truly means to be rich, my students answers were money, cars, and fancy clothing.  Jane’s response...“a happy family.”  Children can be so precious.

Hanna left me a note on her homework the other day.  “I love you Lauren Teacher!”  Well, I can say I love Hanna too and my note told her so.  Hanna has hit me with impromptu hugs that nearly knock me over.  Once, Hanna called me “mom” and asked me to come home with her.  On the same day Yeajin said a prayer for me to feel better – Hanna too approached me concerned that I might be sick.  There’s a compassion in some of these children that is remarkable.  Children can be so precious.

I know that some of these girls have a “crush” on me, and I think that’s natural.   But, now I’ll admit I have a crush on them too!  I’m amazed by how special these children are.  I have the desire to meet their parents to see how they raised such spectacular children.  I’m truly thankful to be their teacher.  I’m also happy to see with my own eyes that in all corners of the world children are generally the same – very special.


  1. Yes.........children are all special............and so are you.
    Mom :)

  2. How sweet! Sounds like you've made an impression on them...and they on you. :)