Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Go Auburn! Deleted Scenes (Video)

The great news is that our original Auburn video is getting a lot of views and fans really seem to like it.  So, we decided to post some of our deleted scenes as well.  I actually hated to see some of these get cut -- the students and Chris are just too funny!

At this point, our video is generating a bit of news coverage.  The War Eagle Reader was the first to post about this -- read their first story here.  Then, following some e-mail interviews, they posted a follow up story -- article #2.

Next, Chris did a phone interview that aired on ABC3340 in Birmingham, Alabama.  You can see that story here.

We're now on Auburn University's official Facebook page...and if all goes well, a version of the video may play on the Jumbotron at future sporting events.

1 comment:

  1. Great work! This has been a ton of fun to watch. Ya'll should try to get your video in front of the folks at ESPN/ABC broadcasting the BCS game -- this would make a wonderful color piece.