Monday, January 3, 2011

Go Auburn! War Eagle From South Korea! (Video)

It's true: Chris Lowe is an Auburn alumnus, he is an English teacher in South Korea, and he taught hundreds of his students some of his favorite Auburn chants and cheers to celebrate the Tigers playing in the BCS Championship.

However, this video is a fictional comic take based on Chris' love for all things Auburn.  No, he did not actually name any of his students Bo, Jackson, Cam or Newton.  He has not been teaching his students about Auburn football all semester long.  Oh, but one more thing is true; Chris and all his students wish Auburn good luck against Oregon in the national title game.

Note:  This video is the sole property of Lauren Bercarich.  I encourage you to share this video!  It  may be broadcast and distributed without prior consent.


  1. Hilarious! War Eagle and I am sharing with all of my Auburn friends and family! Great work Lauren!

  2. This video was the funniest thing I have seen all year. GREAT JOB and, of course, WAR EAGLE!