Monday, March 7, 2011

Living Simply

(Our Apartment:  Stairs to our loft, kitchen and bath in the background with our cluttered desk in the middle of it all!)

I had seen no pictures of my apartment before arriving in Korea.  I knew it would be small…but how small?  We didn’t know when we could move in.  So, when we arrived, we were met by our boss.  Outside a building, we unloaded our trunks.  Was this our hotel I asked?  Nope, this is where you’ll live he said.  Then commenced the silent begging and praying…please be nice, please be nice.

The first impression:  it was small, really small.  But, it was cute.  And now it feels like any home should – a sanctuary, a restful, peaceful place. 

Our apartment has no bedroom – only an upstairs loft.  The loft is a nice size; however with low ceilings you can’t stand at your full height.  Downstairs there’s a small living space, kitchen and one bath with 2 closets.  Two closets for everything – including clothes.  Our apartment was furnished with a mish-mash of furniture to which we’ve added a few pieces to continue the disjointed look.  There’s no dishwasher and while we have a clothes washer there’s no dryer.  The best feature is a huge floor to ceiling window that brings in plenty of natural light. 

Of course, it’s easier to live in a small place when you don’t have a lot of stuff.  We couldn’t bring a lot to Korea and we’re not accumulating much either, because we know we can’t take it back with us to America.  I’m used to buying new shoes, new clothes and things for my home.  Not this year.  As far as possessions go, we’re operating on a need and not a want basis.  All of this may sound inconvenient or unpleasant.  However, it’s actually been nice.  We’re living simply with a lot less than we’re used too.  It can actually be freeing.  I think in one way or another that’s really what this entire experience has provided – a feeling of freedom.

So, take a little tour of our place.  With a few pictures, you can see it all!


(Our Living Room/Den:  This is where we relax, watch TV, blog, and spend most of our time)

(Our Living Room/Den:  There's our fabulous TV and entertainment unit!  See the space heater on the floor, which is cheaper to use than the Korean Ondol/under floor heating system) 


(Our Kitchen:  Notice the built in washing machine and the dishes drying in the dishrack because we have no dishwasher.  While we have a 2 burner range, there is no oven!)

(Our Wardrobe Closet:  Although we have 1 dresser, most of our clothes (for him & her) go in here!  Our small bookshelf is in front.  Our bath is again in the background and you can see a lounge chair in our loft above.)


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  7. You should reload the photos as I am unable to view those. Looking forward to check your apartment