Monday, March 14, 2011

My "Sunny" Valentine (Video)

Marketing ploy or holiday tradition, I'm not sure which...but Korea has two Valentine's Days.  On February 14th, the girls buy gifts for the boys.  Then, on March 14th which is known as White Day, the boys give gifts to the girls.  I'm not sure everyone abides by these rules.  My students certainly didn't, because any chocolates and treats I received came from the girls on both days.

However, one present I received is just extra special.  It came from a 7-year-old named Sunny.  She's a little thing who always has a big smile on her face, which I love because she's missing her two front teeth.  It's just adorable.  Before the bell rang for class on "White Day," Sunny approached me with her present.  You could see how excited she was for me to open it.  The contents are both cute and pretty funny.  I have pipecleaners twisted together...I think they're in the shape of a bow.  I have two used pens.  I have 3 tiny action figures with very large heads, and finally I have a pair of heart earrings.  All of these items look a little used and abused and that's just fine.  I picture Sunny scrounging around her room looking for items to give "Lauren Teacher," and that's just adorable.  I will be wearing the earrings next class, of course!

I made a very big fuss over the presents, and Sunny was very pleased.  Afterward she launched herself into my arms for a big hug.  How lucky I am to have a "Sunny" Valentine!

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