Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cherry Blossoms = Spring!

(Photo-op with the beautiful blossoms)

The sign that Korea’s spring is actually, finally, really here…cherry blossoms.  The beautiful trees are celebrated throughout the country with festivals, bike tours, and weekend outings.  They are simply beautiful.

So, this weekend we joined thousands of others in Seoul for the annual Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival.  Yeouido is an island typically known as Seoul’s business and financial center.  It’s also where the National Assembly meets (equivalent of Congress).  But, Yeouido is also home to more than 12-hundred cherry trees along with green space and great river views.

“It’s like the trees are smiling.”  That’s how my husband described the cherry blossoms.  At least they make us smile!  The snowball clusters of pale pink blossoms cover every inch of these trees.  It’s a beautiful, fleeting sight that offers a good reason to celebrate each April.  So, we walked the island and enjoyed the views.  And, then we took a riverboat cruise to see everything from a different angle.  We were just basking in the spring sunshine and smiling spring flowers.  Early spring is always my favorite time of year.

(Crowds and trees as far as the eye 
can see on Yeouido)

(Up in a Cherry Tree)

(View from the riverboat of the
National Assemby Buidling)

(Seoul's most famous skyscraper,
the "63 Building," and the ferry port)

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