Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goodbye Korea...Our Next Adventure Awaits

Our time in Korea is just about up.  We have 6 more days of teaching, 8 full days left in our apartment in our lovely little neighborhood.  So essentially there’s a week left of life as we’ve known it for the past year.

Change, even when you’ve chosen it, is always a little bit difficult.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our lifestyle and experiences while living in Korea.  There are no complaints.  However, it’s still time to go home to be with family and start the next chapter of our lives. 

However, before we do that, there’s still one more thing to check off our list – our “Big Trip.”  At least, that’s what we’ve dubbed it!  After a week touring Southern Korea and a few days spent with family here, it will begin.  Our tour of China and Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, & Malaysia) begins on July 4th.

This is going to be a whole new experience.  We’ve never traveled like this before – for months, with one big backpack each (packing light…preparing to do laundry), and with only loose plans to guide us.  We’ve never had the luxury of time to do something like this, and it’s exciting. 

The biggest itch I’ve ever had was to see the world – to travel anywhere and everywhere.  I want to see it all, try new things (except bizarre foods), meet different people, lie on different beaches, learn about other cultures, and see unique landscapes.  I’m so excited to see things I’ve only read about in books. 

And after it’s all said and done – I’m certain I’ll be overwhelmed and exhausted and so excited to return home.  We just booked our ticket…and already it seems too far away.  I’m just lucky, there’s so much to look forward too!