Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Last Day at April School

Lauren Teacher & Cameron Teacher's Last Day!

One of the hardest parts about leaving Korea has been leaving my students.  I’ve become attached to so many of them.  It’s impossible not too!

There’s a group of young girls about 8 years old who greeted me each day with hugs, kisses, handholding, and big smiles.  They practically attacked me in the halls, everyone pushing and pulling trying to get some attention.  They made me feel like a rock star!  They love to be loved and encouraged and they returned it tenfold.  I will miss them.

Part of the "group"

I'm officially being mobbed!

I’ll miss Jenny and Lucy – the most adorable twins I have ever seen.  Every day they dressed alike.  Little fashion plates, they belong on the cover of a magazine.  With big smiles plastered on their faces, every day the answer to the question, “How are you?” was “I’m happy.”  I will miss them.

Who couldn't love those faces?  (Jenny & Lucy)

I will miss Kai.  He’s a little boy with a big personality who frustrated me on a daily basis.  I couldn't help myself.  I saw how smart he is and how great he can do if he puts in the effort.  So, I pushed him and he pushed back… always with a smile and some mischief in his eyes.  I will miss him.

These children are special and there are way too many that have touched my heart to name here.  Teaching them has been a privilege.  I spent so much time with them and outside the classroom thinking about them, that it’s strange to be without them.  A week after leaving…I just feel it’s vacation.  It’s still not real.

When I told students I was leaving, I could see their faces fall with disappointment.  Many asked me “When are you coming back?”  They didn’t seem to understand why Cameron and I would leave.  I’m glad that we helped to make English school enjoyable.  More than that, I hope some of these children have felt encouraged and loved by us.  Oh yeah, and I hope they grow into being fluent English speakers! 

So, on our last day, Cameron and I ended a week of goodbyes.  We told all our students how to track us down and handed the reigns over to some new teachers.  Our amazing staff had a little surprise get together at the end of the day with some yummy goodies, gifts, and farewells.  I was a bit emotional.  I was able to work with such kind, caring, and hardworking people.  It’s not easy to adjust to new teachers year in and year out, but they do it gracefully.  Cameron and I are proud and grateful we were able to be part of the team at April School.

The April School Team -- They're Great!

The April Teachers...Jean, Marie & Ray (in the photo!)

So, here are A LOT more photos of just some of the faces we will miss!

Seed 2 with only 5 students, but energy for 12!

Ted and Andy work on a Thinking Project

Esther & Jelly Show Off Their Acing Posters

Jenny is Always Happy to See You!

Nadine Won "Best Sprout 1 Student" Last Term

I was Lucky to Have These Girls in Class!

Okay, now it's time to see some photos of Cameron Teacher and his students.  Cameron was loved for being silly, fun and creative.  It's true...he is very silly.

Students Would Line Up and Beg for This Trick!

Of Course the Boys Loved Cameron Teacher

Steve was a Favorite

Cameron's Seed 2 Girls

Henry & Justin Strike a Pose with Nancy

Cameron and I had a wonderful surprise on our last day.  A former student of ours who was truly wonderful came back to say goodbye.  Tiffany had found out from a staff member that we were leaving and surprised us on our last day.  Tiffany travels to Canada soon to practice her English.  She's a fantastic student and we know she'll do very well.

Cameron Teacher is Making us Laugh

Tiffany was in Cameron's Class 3 Times

Finally...just look at these faces!  Could you forget them?  I didn't think so.  Full of energy, creativity, love and sometimes mischief, there are so many faces we'll never forget.

Rich, Sapling 1

Yuna, Seed 1

Carrie, Sprout 2

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  1. What an amazing experience! All the best as you guys transition into the next stage of your life.