Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seoul, Korea: Directions to Seoul Tower

We were in Seoul nearly a year before we made the trip to Seoul Tower.  As was typical when making weekend plans, we took out our trusted Lonely Planet Seoul City Guide and looked up directions.  We thought the provided directions were a little odd – the subway stop seemed too far from our destination – however, if Lonely Planet printed it we figured it must be right.  We were wrong.  After exiting the subway we soon realized we’d need a taxi to complete our journey.

Once there, we realized there was a much easier way to get to Seoul Tower and that’s what we share with you in this video.  You may also want to pair a visit to the Tower with a stop at Namdaemun Market as they are very close (within walking distance).

You may go up Seoul Tower for the views, but you can also enjoy some good food.  There are several options and some are really reasonably priced.  If you want to eat at the revolving restaurant “N Grill,” be sure to make a reservation in advance. 

When you arrive at the base of the tower, you’ll notice all the padlocks cluttering the surrounding chain link fence.  Couples supposedly seal their love with this small gesture and some written words.  My husband and I didn’t come prepared for this popular ritual.  So, we bought our overpriced locks, hearts to write on, and permanent markers at the gift shop.  Still, I was excited to leave a little memento that’s forever in Korea.  You can save money though if you arrive with locks and love notes in hand

In the end, our visit to Seoul Tower made for a lovely day.  We enjoyed the views, a good meal, and got swept up in a bit of romance as we wrote our love notes.  It was definitely worth the trip.

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