Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Tiger Kingdom

This was like National Geographic in person.  I've never been this close to such a wild animal and it was absolutely exhilarating.  During our time in Chiang Mai, Thailand we made a stop at Tiger Kingdom.  Tiger Kingdom is different than a zoo.  At Tiger kingdom you're able to actually go into the tiger pens and interact with tigers of all ages, including newborns.  To be able to touch and feed these beautiful creatures literally had my heart racing.  The young tigers are fun, the older tigers are intimidating but beautiful.  We thought the tigers were well cared for, healthy and the conditions were very good -- incredibly clean.  If you want a memorable moment, you've got it at Tiger Kingdom!

It's a very easy trip to Tiger Kingdom.  While many tour companies have tours there, they charge quite a bit more than if you travel on your own.  We flagged down a "Red Truck" (they are taxis in Chiang Mai) and negotiated a price for the driver take us there, wait on us to finish and then drive us back to our hotel - it was quite a bit cheaper than booking through a tour company!  You can also rent a scooter in Chiang Mai for $5 a day!  We did and ended up driving right past Tiger Kingdom - so don't be afraid to give it a go.  Find a local used book store (there are plenty), purchase a map, rent your scooter and you're on your way!

Additional Information:
TEL. (66)+053-299363 , (66)+053-86070


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