Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Term Ends

(My youngest students pictured here were unruly and loveable.)

The first day of teaching in Korea I wondered how I would ever remember all of the students’ names.  Now, I don’t know how I could ever forget them.

In many ways, I fell in love with my students.  They are funny, sweet and smart.  Even the naughty ones are precious.  I’m convinced God knew they were going to cause trouble, so he gave them the sweetest faces.

I had “my kids” for 9 weeks during the summer term.  It’s not a lot of time, but I bonded with many of those students.  Some latched onto me quickly, bringing me little gifts and looking to hold my hand at any opportunity.  Some were just fascinated by their American teacher who looked and sounded different from them.  They bombarded me with questions, although I haven’t yet divulged my age!

Korean children work very hard.  Their primary school is followed by hours of specialized classes.  They are bused from one school to the next.  They come to me for English and they go to other schools for Math, Chinese or Science.  They are under immense pressure.  As a teacher, my position has afforded me the opportunity to boost these children’s confidence.  I have treasured this power.  I love to encourage and praise my students.  I can see them soak it up.  And, then I see them strive to do better.

So, when the Summer Term ended I was in mourning.  On the first day of the Fall Term, I actually felt myself wanting “my kids” back.  I never expected to get attached so quickly to these children.

Included here are some pictures of my wonderful students who sometimes drive me to near insanity, but mostly make me happy!

Two precious girls who are happily still my students this fall.

Being wild during break time.

 These girls were a joy to have in class -- cheerful and smart.

Making presentations are a crucial part of the curriculum.  It's a great way to practice those English skills!

Jane actually asked to take a picture with me, but many of the students dont' like to smile for photos.

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  1. The photos are so sweet!! . I'm not surprised your students love you, but then again I'm partial :)