Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kulture Concierge

When I moved to Korea there was so much to figure out -- getting cellphones, opening a bank account, paying my electric bill, buying furniture, applying for a driver's license...the list goes on and on.  When you're in an unfamiliar place and you don't speak the language all of these small tasks can become mind-boggling and frustrating.

I was lucky though, because I had help from my amazingly efficient sister-in-law, Kimberly, who just happens to run her own business called "Kulture Concierge."  I can't say enough about how helpful this has been to me and my husband - it's literally made our life in Korea more enjoyable, because it reduced stress and frustration.  So, for a few bucks, maintain your sanity!

What can Kulture Concierge do?  Essentially, this company can help expats living in Korea with just about anything.  Here's a brief introduction to the company from its website:

"Kulture Concierge can be your personal assistant in this foreign culture.  We can help you purchase event tickets, create custom tours, make travel arrangements, help you find anything you need in your area such as a hair-stylist, auto mechanic, or doctor, arrange for moving assistance, set up utilities (electricity, gas, telephone, internet), get a cell phone, give you a personal neighborhood orientation, help you register a new car or get your drivers license, find hard to locate items, do your shopping, event planning, document translation, coordinate delivery service and on and on and on.  Whatever you need help with, we are here to make your life easier."  

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