Friday, July 1, 2011

Busan, Korea is a Worthwhile Destination (Video)

My husband and I just spent 5 days in Busan, Korea and despite the days of rain that prevented us from lying on the beach (argh!), I really like this city.  It has a different flavor than Seoul.  It’s more approachable, the people a bit more friendly, and very easy to get around.  With unique neighborhoods and beaches Busan has a lot of personality.  Plus, if you like fresh seafood…this is the place to go.

So, I wanted to share two of my favorite spots.  If you’re planning a trip to Busan you can watch my videos for directions on how to get there.

Gwangalli Beach:  Sure, you can sun yourself on Gwangalli Beach’s soft sand or swim in the tranquil waters.  But, a great time to visit is after nightfall.  Gwangalli Beach is a true urban beach.  Just a few steps from the sand, you’re on a city street.  At night, these businesses, hotels and restaurants are aglow in neon colors.  Those colors reflect off the water.  That paired with the lit “Diamond Bridge,” really make for a nice atmosphere and great photo opportunity. 

Haedong Yonggungsa TempleWhat makes this temple so unique is the beauty of the natural setting.  The temple was constructed on huge rock cliffs overlooking the East Sea ocean waves.  It can be magical to hear the melody of the sutra chanting from the temple mixed with the sound of the ocean waves.  This Buddhist temple has dozens of statues and sculptures.  While I’ve visited many temples in Asia, this one stands apart and shouldn’t be missed.

More To Do:  Of course, there’s much more to see in Busan.  The Jagalchi Fish Market, Taejongdae Resort Park, and Yongdusan Park are just a few examples.  We enjoyed a great hike into the woods that afforded us great views of Busan.  You can also explore some new food dishes in Busan.  We tried Nakji (raw octopus) at the fish market.  The just sliced up octopus pieces are still squirming on your plate and the little suction cups will stick to your tongue.  My husband savored the wiggly pieces while I quickly chewed one up and consider it a badge of honor to have done so!

So great atmosphere, unique food, and beautiful beaches…on a sunny day make Busan a worthwhile stop on your Korean journey.

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