Monday, March 7, 2011

Asian Kitty

Asian Kitty was a surprise.  He was a gift from our family when we arrived in Korea.  He was an unwanted gift.  You see…when I left for Korea, I left a cat behind.  Finding a home for my cat was a grueling and emotional experience.   So, I was ready for some pet free living.

Well, let me tell you…I was wrong.  Asian Kitty is the best cat in the world.  Yes, I just told you that my cat is better than your cat.  This cat is funny.  He sleeps on his back with paws raised in the air.  It looks like he’s playing dead.  When Asian Kitty is really happy to see us, he drools.  Little droplets drip, drip from his mouth.  Trust me, it’s cute.  He loves human food – anything we eat, Asian Kitty will eat.  Peanut butter, ice cream, tortilla chips, or pasta…he’s tasted and enjoyed them all.   If you rattle around in the kitchen, open a bag of chips or crackers, and when you sit down to dinner, Asian Kitty comes running.  He sits and stares at you while you eat, silently begging for a taste.  I’ve never seen a cat behave quite like this…like a dog.  Don’t fret…his diet is really just dry food.  And that’s great too.  It’s cheap and it doesn’t smell.  Asian Kitty still has his front claws, but he only scratches his scratching post…amazing!

(Asian Kitty sleeping/playing dead -- also with a lot less fur)

Now, this cat likes attention.  He’ll follow you around the house looking to cuddle.  He wants to sit next to you or on top of you.  In the morning, he’s happy to wake you up.  Your wake up call can include him stepping on your face, sitting on your head or in my case, biting your hair.  Or how about a head-butt?  Purring, he’ll just ram his head into yours demanding some attention.  Now, if you’re not a cat lover I can see that this wouldn’t be appealing.  But, if you love cats…well, this is adorable.

(Cuddling together after work)

So why the name Asian Kitty?  Well…he’s Persian and we laughed when we saw him…because upon our arrival in Asia, even our cat looked Asian!  I absolutely adore this animal.  He’s loving and well-behaved.  He makes me laugh and immediately made my house in Korea feel more like a home.  So, now I’ll eventually have to leave this cat behind in Korea and my heart will break.  I can say with certainty I will shed a few tears, but it was worth it.

(Relaxing on the windowsill in the sunshine)

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