Friday, August 19, 2011

Ping An, China: Travel Tips for Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces

When you arrive in Ping An, the thing to do is simply walk around and take in the views of the Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces.  For three days that's all we did.  I just couldn't get enough of my surroundings.  They were so beautiful and so unlike anything I had ever seen before.  This is one of those places you see on a travel show and think to yourself...I want to go there someday...and I kept pinching myself reflecting on how lucky I was to be there.

Not only can you walk around Ping An Village, you can take paths leading to other villages.  Some of those walks require stamina, but can be very rewarding.  In this video, I've included directions to find my favorite walk from Ping An Village.  This walk was peaceful, secluded and it won't leave you exhausted.  The path will also lead you to a neighboring village that isn't frequented by tourists. 

Aren't you be traveling to Ping An!

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