Monday, August 1, 2011

Beijing, China: How to Use the Beijing Subway (Video)

I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how easy it is to use the Beijing Subway.  All signs are in both Chinese and English.  Even the announcements on the train are in English.  No matter where you are going or how many transfers you make, one trip on the subway costs only 2 yuan.

I noticed that most Chinese using the subway wait in long lines at a ticket counter to purchase their tickets.  There's no need to do this!  Skip the lines and use one of the automated machines.  My video shows you how to do this.  It's quick, efficient and in English.

You'll need a subway map, but that's easy too.  They're printed on the back of the free tourist maps you can pick up at any information booth.  So, get out your map and get going.  This is a great, cheap way to see Beijing.

One warning -- Beijing is crowded, so during rush hours expect to by packed into your subway car like a can of sardines.  It's okay -- it's all part of the China experience!

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