Saturday, August 13, 2011

Xian, China: Biking the City Walls (Video)

Most people come to Xian, China to see The Terracotta Warriors.  However, there's much more to do!  One of my favorite activities was biking the old city walls.  Xian is one of the few cities in China where the old city walls are still standing.  This is a fun, easy and cheap activity for the whole family.  Watch my video for additional tips!

Bike Rental Expenses:
Enter through the South or North Gates to rent a bicycle.  First, you must buy an admission ticket to get up onto the wall.  The cost is about $6 (40rmb).  Renting a bicycle is very cheap.  The cost is about $3 (20rmb) for 100 minutes.  You must also leave a deposit of about $30 (200 rmb).

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